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February 26, 2008


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thanks for the great recipes...however, one of my favorite memories from Argentina ,as a little girl, was eating torta de ojaldre (I don't think I spelled that right at all!!) in my grandmother's house, of course she bought it from their fantastic bakeries. If you can find the recipe I would be so grateful....thanks so much Oh, I forgot this cake has like a filo dough in between the cake layers with dulce de leche on the filo dought then the cake layer on top....etc. so goooood!!!!!!!!!!

LOL! So, your F-I-L was right, huh? ;-)

My comfort food is plantain. Love it.

I just made rice pudding for cupcakes that I just made. I like your recipe and will have to try it soon.

Continue to feel better.

Big hug,

Love learning new words! I do believe you would catch me regañado in many ways - plants in the room I sleep, windows open where I am sitting. On and on. These always make me laugh! And then I fall for them and believe them. Ha!

Arroz con leche es uno de mis comidas favoritas aqui en Peru. Me encanta comerlo para postre y para desayuno. Que rico!!! De repente lo preparo hoy?

Depending upon just how sick I am, my comfort foods are chicken soup, very spicy Asian noodles, and chocolate ice cream -- which I save for those days when I'm sure it will be my last meal on Earth. Of course, I want all of those things delivered to me, in bed, so I don't have to lift a finger!

Aw, I hope you're feeling better! That cold/flu stuff sucks. Big time.

My comfort foods are alot of Mexican-American dishes, like what I had when I was a kid, but my "sick foods" are chicken noodle soup and toast-and-applesauce. That's what I've been living on the past few days- plain, white toast and cinnamon applesauce!

This looks wonderful, and it's absolutely my DH's favorite comfort food. I'll have to make this - I don't often find a recipe for truly creamy rice pudding.

My fave sick comfort foods are chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese and vanilla pudding (cooked - not instant). I'm afraid that I prefer the boxed pudding when I'm sick - my homemade stuff just isn't right at that time.

Feel better!

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