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May 20, 2008


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the salsa de tomate...fabulous, i tried it tonight. my noquis turned out pretty doughy and were kinda slimy...any tips?

Gretchen-you're welcome-I can't wait ot see what you cook up!

Jessica-thanks! It should be fun!

Lydia-get your gnocchi rolling team together, and have fun!

Jen-thanks-I'll keep you posted!

Sylvia-that's a true compliment coming from someone Italian-thank you!

EVK-I'm so glad you're reading!! Thanks for your support.

Your site always Makes me Hungry..
Good morning, you are doing a great job.

Your site always Makes me Hungry..
Good morning, you are doing a great job.

Very good looking these gnocchi dear!
I often eat gnocchi at home as they are quick and so good. You can serve them also with only butter and parmesan. So easy!
have a nice day!

What a wonderful opportunity!

With my brand new little gnocchi maker, I'm ready to give this a try!

Congratulations on the new gig!

Those look like perfect little gnocchis! How wonderful that you will be sharing with the travel guide as well. Thanks so much for my little package! I look forward to making something special to show them off!

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