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March 10, 2009


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with the crepes we also make "fiambre aleman" wich is crepes like a tower with jam chesse mayonaise tomato lettice, etc. it usually eat at christmas or summer

My goodness I want some of these panqueques now!!!

FABULOUS photo!!! Miss you girl! What have you been up to?

Don't forget to add bananas next time. Mmmmmm....panqueques



Como la comida Argentina me tenta! I am so glad I found your blog (through random clicking I'm sure!). My husband have both lived in Argentina and one thing that we miss is the food (among a MILLION other things!). I hope you dont mind if I share your blog with others :) I am so excited to bring comida Argentina into my home again!!

I'm sending this recipe directly to my husband, who loves dulce de leche as much as he loves his Canadian maple syrup!

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