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December 23, 2009


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exelente plato para lugares de mucho frio, SI BIEN EN ARGENTINA HACE CALOR, IGUAL SE FESTEJA CON COMIDAS MUY NUTRITIVAS, para bajar un poco las calorìas agregamos ensaladas , y de postre como broche final EL CLERICOT , (ENSALADA DE FRUTAS ) combinadas con frutas de estaciòn , y cìtricos, vino blanco, etc etc, Guille debe recordar, QUE PASEN UN LINDO DÌA DE NAVIDAD! para todos . Florencia

I can see that a delicious time was had by all! ;-)

Merry Christmas!


Hi Rebecca! Yes, I'm back in NL and back in blogosphere!
Reading your recipe for "lechón" made me want to try some time! Though here in Holland it might prove difficult to find it. I normally buy my meat at the Muslim butcher's, because it's so much better quality and they make an effort to give you the cuts you want. But now, you see... I don't think I'll find "lechón" at a Muslim butcher's :o)
I never really bothered to look up what it takes because as you know, in Argentinean culture, anything having to do with roasted meat, is the man's domain!
Have a very Merry Christmas!!

A delicious looking dinner and I love washing good food down with malbec! Am planning to visit Buenos Aires in 2010 (it'll be my third trip). All the best for the new year.

I love the idea of sitting here in snowy Rhode Island and enjoying a warm-weather holiday meal. Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year.

Congrats on your lechón success! We'll be eating lechón here on Christmas Eve in Argentina. I love it, even if it is different than the traditional Christmas meal in the States. Thankfully I don't have to cook it (the in-laws are in charge). I'm in charge of the salads. :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Necochea, Argentina!

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