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February 12, 2008


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I'm not sure why you make a syrup first. After looking at recipes on the web, it seems to be a standard in the latin recipes. I suspect it is a carry over from old recipes when sugar was lumpy? Anyway, I'm going to try to make it without any additional water (which would need to boil away anyway), and without making the syrup. I think I'll also make a hot version with chopped chiles and maybe garlic too. I'll let you know how it turned out.

Can't wait for August tomatoes to try some!!
When they come in fast and furious I am always looking for ways to put some away(canned) for the cold winter months, in yet a new and different way, and this sounds like something I could use over the holidays, ie poured over cream cheese and served on crackers, surrounded by parsley , maybe put in some red pepper flakes when preping... Sounds like Christmas to me!
Love Aunt Eileen


I enjoy reading your blog and made your dulce de tomate recipe tonight. It's outstanding! I lived in Buenos Aires for 1.5 years and you know, I never came across this delicious condiment. I also "whipped up" a batch of dulce de leche and made a treat I am calling Frannie's Dulce de Leche Dumplings. Dulce de leche, toasted coconut, chopped walnuts in wonton warppers and fried. I served it along with home made coconut-rum ice cream. I guess I was missing Argentina just a bit. :)

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Scattered throughtout the more than 300 posts are photos of Argentina. If you put Argentina or Buenos aires in the search field you will come up with number of posts that have shots from BsAs, Iguazu and Tiera del Fuego in them.

Thank for the great recipes and the memories of Argentina in your writing!


Llegué a tu blog casi sin darme cuenta, mientras clickeaba enlaces en otros.
Ese dulce de tomates me recordó la cocina de mi madre, que rico queda. El tuyo tiene un aspecto super tentador. Te mando un saludo desde Capital Federal y me encantaría saber de que lugar de Argentina escribes, Mar

I am going to make this! Wow it sounds delicous!

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We have mermelada de tomate here also. I have never been brave enough to try it, it really does sounds like sweet V8 to me still!

This looks like the perfect match for some nice sharp Manchego-type cheese, or maybe on a panini with a soft cheese like Brie. Yum!

Yay - I found your blog!

MMmm, this jam sounds delish. I've had something like this before but it had a small amount of finely diced chili peppers in it too which gave it a bit of a bite (which I like). It was delicious with sharp cheese and cold cut meat on a sandwich.

Good to chat with you today, I really enjoyed the catch up.

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