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February 21, 2008


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palmeritas are a favorite of mine as well. I made them with homemade puff pastry once I had made some for a cake, and they were better than with the store-bought kind, but I´ve made them tons of times with store-bought dough, and it is still wonderful, especially when they are still a little warm. And it´s perfect for spur-of-the-moment get togethers.
One thing I recommend you try for next time, is adding a bit of lemon zest to the sugar, that´s my favorite part about homemade palmeritas :)

I cannot wait to make these! (And isn't it funny how you never know which recipes will resonate with people so strongly as these did with Guillermo!)

Terrific photo. I like the blog, too, and will be checking back!

Amanda-This recipe will make you feel like a domestic goddess-and it's painless!

Emiglia-Thank you for the lovely compliment, so glad you are enjoying the photos.I have a love affair with Argentina, too...

Noelia-this is definitely the short cut way to do it, but they turn out so incredible and with so little effort!

Lydia-Thank you! Wouldn't it be great to serve these at a Van Gogh party? :)

Cork & Feast-So glad the photos evoked such emotion for you! It puts a smile on my face to know that you enjoyed them so much. I love using items that have sentimental value for me, it gives more meaning to the everyday, don't you think?

Astra-Thanks! Hope you enjoy the cookies!

Paz-I agree, I love hearing G's family stories. Hope you try the recipe!

What a nice memory for Guillermo to have about his Grandmother. And I am impressed with your palmeritas. ;-)


Such a clever recipe! I'm very excited to try fixing these!

I second the complements on your stunning photos...

Love these photos. They are beautiful, minimal and perfect for this post! I have no idea why they strike me so, somehow they convey such emotion. Wish I could take food photos that did that (will be something I'll be thinking about from now on.) Perhaps it's the silver tray underneath. I have a similar one around here that was my grandmother's and I love it so.

Lovely photo. They really do look like ears!

What a great idea! So glad he loved them! They are called orejas here. Can't say I have thought about how they are made and this recipe looks simple compared to how they probably do it there. Ha!

Great blog... I love your photos and stories. I've started a love affair with Argentina from afar, and I absolutely love your pictures! Keep it up!

I tried making these once on my own from scratch and talk about labor-intensive! I wouldn't recommend it. My poor neck was strained and my back hurt. I felt like I had run for miles or something. Next time, it's this recipe all the way!

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