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February 28, 2008


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THANKs for your blog! Good to know we can have Ñoquis every month and celebrate how good they are!

I have yet to master gnocchi. The two times I've made gnocchi have yielded errors on both ends of the spectrum. 2008 is my personal Year of the Dumpling and gnocchi, to be sure, is on the long list.

While I firmly believe that there is no bad gnocchi, my favorite topping for them is walnut-sage pesto, but I'd never turn down a pan-fried, no-sauce version.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Wow, you're right! Any country with a national gnocchi day is a winner! Actually, I already love Argentina as one of my best friends grew up there...one more reason to love it!

A national gnocchi day? Wow! Maybe, I'll join you from NYC. ;-)


These look so soft and melt in your mouth good! Ours were rather dense and tough, but you've inspired us to try it again. Thanks!
BTW- our first cooking video is up!

I love any tradition where money is hidden under the plates! Thanks for the good info -- I'd never heard of this gnocchi holiday before.

What a riot! How fun! And what beautiful gnocchi! Wish I could come over tomorrow and enjoy it! I have tried to make it and wasn't impressed. Try, try again, no? I love the tradition - great idea!

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