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March 01, 2008


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Beautiful photo! It makes me want to visit so I can see it with my own eyes. Looking forward to your weekly photo series and getting to "know" Argentina.

Noelia-Thanks! My dream someday is to go through the Andes up close!

Michelle-Thanks! The questions for your tag are thought-provoking!

Paz-I had to take a page from your book (so to speak) with your photos of New York and show my own of Argentina!

Jen-Thank you! More to come!

Jessy- Glad you enjoyed it!

CF-hilarious-that's the stuff of urban legend!!

Sari-Thanks for adding me! Let me know how the gnocchi works out!


Hello Rebecca
you are my latest addition to my blogroll.
Love your blog. Its witty, funny and the photos are simply great.
I normally do not like blogger who blogs about the country that they just moved in as if they are "the expert"of the local food. But you really understands and captures the local culture and context. Bravo!

I particularly love the gnocchi, since it is my favourite food. Will try to make it later this week!

I took the bus from Santiago to Mendoza. It's an odd trip -- you start close to sea level, but are freezing when you get to the top of the mountain. They make you get out of the bus and identify your luggage (which has been unloaded), then wait in the frigid air while customs officials inspect everything. Then it's back down to gorgeous Mendoza.

A friend took the bus from Chile to Argentina and they showed the movie "Alive" on the trip.

Thats a breathtaking picture!

What an absolutely beautiful photo! It was also interesting hearing about your trip back and forth.

Beautiful. I look forward to seeing more photos of Argentina.


Rebecca, I would love to know more about you, so you've been tagged!

This made me laugh! I learned something I did not know...no idea that Aconcagua is the highest peak outside of Asia. Great story and great info! Love your writings!

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