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March 15, 2008


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My favorite empanada is Choclo from an Argentine restaurant that I frequent. They removed it from the menu to my disappointment, but I just happen to find your site with the recipe and I am so so HAPPY! Muchos Gracias!!!!! :)

I'm having a great time wandering around your blog. Very interesting posts re Argentinian culture and food. Thanks for sharing!

Love this tart. My weakness is flaky pastry like that. Do you have a favourite pie crust recipe?

ooh, this looks so, so good. i mean really, really good. cheese, corn, flaky crust...yum.

That looks really good! I like the thought of a cheesy corn pie with a flaky golden brown crust. Bookmarked

I have my tango CD. All I need to gather is the ingredients for this delicious sounding recipe! Thanks!


Hello, I found you on Tastespotting. I am argentinian and I think your blog is great! I have never heard of Tarta de Choclos, but I never actually lived in Argentina. It looks really tasty! Now I have to ask my family why we never ate this when I was a child :).

Wow - great recipe AND great story. I bet my whole family will like this one - not an easy feat these days. Thank you!

This looks so good! I love corn and I'm always up for a new way to make it--I'll definitely try this.

So, I totally read that title as "chocolate-corn tart."

The corn tart looks quite delicious! It makes me wish I could eat corn. YUM! I'm just very glad there isn't chocolate in it. lol.

That pie looks great! I've just discovered your blog and I wanted to tell you that I love it... Thanks for making us discover your country's wonderful recipes!



Can you use frozen corn kernels for this? As the corn season here in New England is so short, I often keep good quality frozen corn in my pantry. Can't wait to try this dish!

Oohh, we have pastel de choclo which is the corn made into a paste with a meat sauce between layers of corn. Different than this. Okay, and what is puchero in Argentina? We have a dish here called puchero...curious if it the same?

Honestly, your blog has become one of my favorite reads! The way you write of the Argentinian culture and the food makes me want to hop on a jet and be at your table by dinner time :) My friends and I have been talking about vacationing in Buenas Aires so if we end up going, you are going to have to give all the 411 about this beautiful country.

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