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March 04, 2008


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Awww, E's also a blondie! He sure seemed to enjoy your cake. The messier the better. :-)

Mmmmmmm que buena!!! y la traducción?
El bebe del video es tu hijo?, que adorable!!!, está invitando a preparar la torta.

Lydia-you're right! My husband loves it-probably more than my son!

Kirsty-It goes by in a blink, as you'll soon see! Thanks for the package!!

Jen-oooh, yes, I think rum sounds wonderful!

Noelia-do they make it with milk there? I've had milk wet cakes before, too, I don't like them much. But I love the ones made with simple syrup! Let me know if you make one, and how it turns out!

Beca - This is too funny. Personally, I *hate* the wet cakes they have here! But it is funny to know they do it in Argentina, too. Now maybe when I make the next birthday cake for a Peruvian friend I will try this and see what they may say. They may tell me I made a Peruvian cake! Ha!

This looks wonderful. I might mix some rum into that simple syrup. ;-)

Aw, Rebecca he's gotten SO big!!! Wow. His little chocolate covered face is just adorable. I hope you guys had a good birthday party, so we couldn't make it.


What child wouldn't love a chocolate cake soaked in sugar syrup?! I think my husband would love that, too!

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