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April 22, 2008


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I know, is an old post. But I can´t drop here without let a comment.I born in a optimist country,as in a old movie (gone with the wind) In Brazil, actually Sao Paulo, my place, people usually said, if anything goes wrong, Tomorrow is another day..and better for sure.And was a shock for me saw how the people here are down,but for otherwise they know enjoy life. As you said enjoying long lunches and drinking. You write and explains very well the Argentine life. I can´t do this as well you do. I wish I could. I always stop here to read a little bit and always is a nice reading

I was really happy to see this post, as I've got a huge container of quince jam from Portugal that I've been wondering what to do with. These look so delicious1

I've had both quince paste and quince jam in my pantry for ages, and haven't found quite what to do with them. I'll definitely try this one; these little tarts look lovely!

Thanks so much for giving a recipe for pasta frola, which I adore. Luckily, I am about to leave for Buenos Aires, where I will be able to eat my fill of it.

Gretchen-do they have dulce de batata in Peru? It's like dulce de membrillo-more like a paste than a jam. Just add some water to make it more pliable and use it inplace of the quince jam! Good luck-let me know how it turns out!

Amanda-I'm a recovering 'list maker'-and I have to work at making myself slow down. I'm so lucky to have an example of how to enjoy life! It's sad that we have a culture so focused on multitasking-you're right-there's almost no down time. Glad you enjoyed the recipe-it's perfect for an afternoon coffee break!

Gertru-Gracias! Has visto mi 'post' con video sobre mate? Es uno de los 'posts' viejos, pero el video tambien se esncuentra en You Tube. Como andas alli en BsAs con todo el humo?

great blog!I'm happy that you love our kitchen ;)

I prefer the argentinian way of looking at life. Perfectionism can be the root of all evil. When you see how "driven" Americans are, so driven that they can't sit down and actually enjoy lunch without a cellphone in hand, you can see how that "fight to the top" mentality plagues the spirit... But I think that you cake could revive the worst of all Americans!!

Que rico! I have never thought of sweet potato jelly...how on earth do I make it?!? I loved Argentine desserts...delicious and rich. I am sure this would be oh so tasty!

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