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May 23, 2008


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English men are the same about BBQ's but most often the food is dull. I however love a good and varied BBQ :)

oh! wood-bbq? i haven't tasted anything cooked using wood for such a long long long time. gosh, how i miss it! i'd love to go to Argentina!

I look forward to trying this one out! I tried to make the receta por Berenjenas en escabeche, but I wasn't successful. Not sure what went wrong. I think I can handle the grilled eggplant. ;-)


Lydia-sounds great-I love to find a taste of Argentina wherever we travel!

Silvia-ha ha! I guess I should have added women to the list for Argentinean men, too-it would tie for 2nd place with barbecue! ;)

Jen-I love eggplant and have yet to meet one I didn't like!

Natasha-these are great questions-looks like I need to write another barbecue post!

Do you have a good recipe for "chimichurri"? I've seen so many recipes on the web, I am not sure what to do.

Hi Rebecca,
What U.S. meat cuts do we use to do an Argentinian "asado". I understand that the meat cuts in Argentina are different than the cuts in the U.S.

Ah, perfect timing! And the pictures are wonderful. So is anything with eggplant.

Hi dear! Italian men are quite the same but the list is 1° soccer and 2 ° women :-D than food ...apart some exeption obviously!
i enjoy so much reading your entries!

There used to be an Argentinean barbecue place in Cambridge, Mass. near Harvard University -- what I remember most were the sauces and salsas that accompanied the perfectly grilled meats. It's where I first learned to love chimichurri with grilled steak -- and I still love it, many years later!

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