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May 06, 2008


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Cabrales is my favorite! I have to keep having my parents bring it or ship it from Argentina because nobody imports it in the US. Definitely better than American coffee!!

Looks like my kind of coffee. I will try this tomorrow with my breakfast.

Wonderful blog btw :)

I'm not much of a coffee drinker but that may change once I drink coffee Argentina style.

Paz ;-)

Gretchen Noelle-I know! This post made my own self jealous-I wish I could be beamed to a cafe right now!

Mandy-Thanks for the comment! Gretchen is writing from Peru-so I guess Havana is in Lima!

Lydia-thanks for the links! I found the one that has La Virginia, though the kind they sell in Argentina is not instant. And I'll have a look at the coffee makers-thank you for the tip!

Cookworm-yes-try with a press-you may get a different flavor but the idea is right-very strong coffee with milk.

Sylvia-thank you! I hope you enjoyed that cup of coffee-and glad you enjoyed the blog!


Good morning! It's the first time I visit your blog and I find it amazing!
Thanks for the cup of coffee at 10 am it's just what I need now :-)
I'll follow your post gladly!

I love that first shot - the coffee looks so delicious! I'll see if I can find the Virginia brand around here. Do you think it would work in a French press?

I had to go online right away to look for this. Here's what I found:

This seems to be the instant version. And here's a source for the ground coffee:


I've never purchased from either of these sources, but they both seem to have a range of interesting products.

Still haven't tried home brewed coffee here. Cafe con leche is my steadfast companion. Oh yeah, aside from my marido.

I haven't received a lump of brown sugar yet. I'm so jealous! : )

Havana is sold in the U.S. now?

So not fair. Coffee appearing on my screen in the afternoon? So not fair. I have the BEST memories of drinking doble cortados con mis amigos en Bunos Aires. Yum! I am glad Havana made its way here too!

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