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May 08, 2008


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Hi Sharon! I'm Sabrina from Argentina. You can freeze the empanadas without cook them.
You just need to freeze them into a large pan without touching one with each other and then when the empanada is compleate frozen you can put them into a bag or a tupper.
To cook the empanadas, please do not unfroze them, just place it in a cooking pan, without touching one with each other, and cook in a low oven, like 250 or less until golden brown.

Hi Rebecca

I loved your article. This past June we were in Buenos Aires and had the best baked Empanadas at La Cupertina. The filling I most enjoyed was a combination of mushrooms, onions, and corn. I have searched and searched but have not come up with the recipe for this filling. By chance, would you have this combination or something close to it.....

Wish you all the best in your new location.


Hi there,
I want to make empanadas for a party of 40 people. Can you tell me if I want to make my empanadas ahead of time, will they taste as good if I bake them and then freeze them? Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you.

hi Rebecca, is the empanada of the month event is still going on?
I made empanadas today.. with curried potato, peas and chicken.
will post it on my blog tomorrow. Would you put a link to my blog here?

Hola! Por favor donde puedo conseguir tapas La Saltena en Long Island, ya que hasta ahora solo consigo Goya y la verdad es que no me gustan tanto..Gracias!!!

i love empanadas!! i've been thinking about the empanadas i had from my recent argentina trip. excited to see your monthly recipe updates. :9

Okay, Rebecca, I'm getting ready to roll out my empanada dough! :)
I love these things!
Un abrazo por tu tambien,

i'm studying abroad in argentina right now and empanadas are defintely my favorite food here.

i think that actually the majority of empanadas are baked (or at least that's my experience) regardless of where in the country there from.

my favorite kind is carne cortado picante, which are especially good around six am after a long night in palermo.

i'd love to see your take on a catamarcan or salteña empanada... those are two of my favorites i've had here

Gorgeous empanadas! I look forward to participating! :)

What a fun event! And those empanadas look incredible. Too bad I won't be able to participate this time around (I'm traveling), but I'll be sure to join in next time!

Those empanadas look so good!! I've always wanted to make these!
The video is fantastic and I just love the beautiful language that is being spoken! I watched it 3 times because it's so beautiful, but I only understand one word..."bueno"!...I think that means"good"!
Bueno, Bueno, Bueno!!

My husband is from La Plata. I remember eating so many type of empanadas when we visit Argentina in 2006. I always made the empanadas with ground beef, raisins, olives and hard boil eggs. That is the kind his mother used to make for him :)

1. i love things wrapped in dough.

2. any recipe calling for a pound of lard gets my attention.


I love empanadas. I have been making empanadas de pasta hojaldrada for years because my parents used to sell them in their restaurant. Your empanadas look just gorgeous and I will be happy to participate in this event. I am happy I found your blog on Is my Blog Burning? It's just amazing! :)

Gretchen-haha! Can't wait to hear your ideas, and I know you'll love making these!

Lydia-I am amazed at the whole 'empanada culture'-so many fillings, so little time!

Jen- ihope you participate in the event! Yum!

Silvia-my husband says I'm a messy cook, too-but if you don't make a mess you don't get to eat! Hope you enjoy and thank you for your kind words.

Laylita-I'm sure you will make some amazing empanadas! Send me some of your favorites-What are some Ecuadoran specialties?

Sari-they are delicious-enjoy!

KG-We thought about licking the screen, ourselves! Ha!

Gertrude-where in AR is your husband from? I bet he has had this type before.

Shirley-great! Thanks for joining us!

Brilynn-So glad you are going to make them!

Kevin-thanks-a new recipe for you to test out!

Those Empanadas look really goos with their perfectly golden brown crusts.

I definitely wan to give these a try!

This I have to try. Count me in.

I love making this for my husband who is from Argentina. I will definitely participating in your Empanada of the month event. I will try out your recipe and thanks for sharing it with us.

Wow! They look amazing, I could just delve into the screen to eat one right away :)

I like this baked version! I am surely going to make this one...

I'm having some of your cafe con leche right now and really need one of your empanadas to go with it. They look so good! I'm in a big empanada mood right now so I'll definitely be participating in the Empanada of the Month event.

good morning! What a great recipe is this. Thanks for posting it i really adore tapas in every way but I seldom cook empanada as i'm a little mess cooking ;-P
I adore your blog is so full of energy!

Lovely empanadas! Thank you for the wonderful recipe.

Beautiful empanadas, and the video is really helpful in explaining the spiral technique. I've made Mexican empanadas that are similar, and also baked rather than fried.

This is perfect for me. I have a dream of doing different fillings for empanadas and you are going to push me into doing them, aren't you? And here I just though you were going to share an empanada each month, but you are actually going to make us work too! I think it is great, I am totally in. These sound just like Peruvian beef empanadas. Great thinking!

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