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August 05, 2008


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I must try out this recipe and soon, it's ages since I made cheese.

Somewhere in my stacks of recipe notes is one for ricotta - which I haven't made yet. You have inspired me with your beautiful photos and Sr. Chiarello's recipe so there's hope for me yet. Thanks!

Mm -- I did a different version using just milk, salt and lemon juice a while back. Very light and fresh. I suppose it's not really ricotta (true ricotta being made from the whey, hence the name "re-cooked"), more of a farm cheese, but hey. It's yummy. :)

A couple of years ago, we had a chef come and give a group of friends a lesson in how to make lasagna from scratch -- every component, including the ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. I never realized how easy it is to make ricotta, and it's so delicious when you make your own.

Your ricotta looks really good. Very interesting about the Russian women in Bowen and what they make. I'd love to buy some food from them.


Thank you for this recipe. I have been thinking about making my own cheese, but I am still scared. After reading this recipe it doesn't sound so difficult... Wish me luck!

Hola. What a great recipe. I've recently decided that it's all about the cheese and I really want to get into becoming a knowledgeable cheese-head!

The cheese looks lovely! Would it be possible to use whole milk yogurt in place of the buttermilk?

Felicitaciones,! desde Bowen, Mendoza, se ve apetitosa la ricotta,para preparar muchas comidas y postres,. un saludo desde Argentina, Florencia.

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