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April 23, 2009


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Thank You, Thank You! For you post. I was the American in charge of Christmas Dinner this year in Argentina. So I ordered in and it cost a ton and was just a mess! I knew I could make it better. But how? I found myself asking everyone too and no one wanted to take the time to teach me. So I'm off to the Market get the supplies needed to brush up before Christmas 2010

hola Rebecca
si, es interesante la historia de Pio Nono (IX), no se sabe si es real, pero es una linda leyenda.
Me encantan tus historias, paseos y recetas, muy lindo blog!
And this is not a Mendoza's recipe... we eat it all over the country... there is always some savory pionono (or arrollado) for christmas... but the most popular or classic is the one with dulce de leche.

I sweet cake with a savoury filling rolled in sounds really good!

I've never even heard of this. Is it just in Mendoza? My husband is from Cordoba so maybe they don't eat it there.

Hola Rebecca!
What a strange name is pionono, this word in Italian actually means Pio IX (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Pius_IX), a famous Pope who lived in the late XIX century.

Just a coincidence?

It looks excellent.
In southern Italy, especially in the area of Naples, you can find a recipe called "casatiello", a sort of cake made filled with boiled eggs, salami and cheese, although the shape is different.


Looks good! I'd like a bite, please!


I don't think I have ever tried pionono! It looks so good - I think I'll try making it this weekend :)


How curious! I stared at the photo for several seconds when I first saw it, having a little cognitive dissonance on what exactly it was. I saw the word "cake" and yet it immediately looked like a levant sandwich. And yes, it is sort of like that. The sweet-savory combination must be very interesting indeed. I know a number of people who are adverse to mixing their sweets and savories, but I am not among them.

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