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April 30, 2009


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Me encantan tomates rellenos! I remember eating these all the time in Argentina on a warm summer day. Nothing more refreshing and light than that! Beats an asado any day! (p.s. don't tell my husband I said that or he may try to disown me :) )

I love the sound of this recipe and best of all, the fact that it's simple to make. Love it!


Yes, that is definitely typical from my country. I love them. I add rice to the stuffing too and some capers if I have them on had.

muy frescos y ricos los los tomates rellenos,muy buena la receta, saludos desde Bowen Mendoza R.Argentina, para todos, Florencia.

Jose Andres was a phenomenon when I lived in DC. I guess he still is--he continues to build his food empire. :-) Thanks for the tip on the NPR food segment.

I'm kind of glad we have to soak our beans living in South America because it makes me appreciate the freshness of the food even more. Oh, and it's cheaper and better for the environment than canned.

Recently I've been craving garbanzos, so I'm definitely going to check out the garbanzos con espinaca.

Let us know if you're posted on NPR!

My little Jewish grandmother used to make something very much like this -- no tuna, but tomatoes filled with egg salad. I absolutely loved them and always felt that I was getting a special "package" made just for me.

Perfect! I need to put lunch together for work tomorrow and ran out of ideas. A stuffed tomato is a great idea! Hmmm... I'm getting kind of tempted to make it for dinner rather than the home made pizza I'd planned. LOL

I love tuna with chopped eggs. And noooooo sweet relish or pickles.

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