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September 24, 2009


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Hi Rebecca. I'm originally from Buenos aires and made alfajores for many years. I was glad to read from your recipe that the dough can be frozen for another time. this will be a great make ahead dough for a large group. thanks and keep bringing us these great Argentina recipes!!! also, can you tell me if they sell Alfajores Havana anywhere in TX?

Hi Rebecca,

When I was younger I danced and lived in France and with my studio we traveled to Argentina for a performance. I remember when we first reached Argentina we were given these delicious cookies as a little hospitality gift from the dance studio we were visiting. These were so delicious I couldn't stop eating them.

Reading your post transported me back to when I was there, thank you for that!

exquisitos! muy buenos, aqui por tradiciòn no faltan en las fiestas de cumpleaños y Bodas, tambien. ya que se pueden almacenar muchos dias, y su calidad y presencia no cambian, reitero muy buenos, muy ricos, Florencia desde Bowen Mendoza,R. Argentina.

I always bake alfajores with a 'copita' of liquor in the dough and I love them (my recipe it's almost the same as yours), my family always ask for them as it's almost impossible to find real alfajores argentinos in mexico.

One extra recommendation. When the alfajor is done, roll it on the side over shredded coconut, makes a nice difference.

...and that is how my grandma used to do it :)

Hi, Rebecca!
With this post you've transported me to Mendoza and the "peatonal" - such lovely memories! I was there for the last time back in 2004.
alfajores de maicena are great favourites of mine. I make them all the time here and everyone seems to like them too!
I have planned a future entry about alfajores for my blog, too ;) it is already scheduled and I just need to make the alfajores to take the photos.... nice excuse, eh?!
Saludos desde Holanda!

I just love alfajores, and Havanna's are great ! But with your recipe of dulce de leche, it will be memorable, the smell of fresh baked "cookies" and the satisfaction to see the loved ones enjoying something you made with love is priceless. Thanks for sharing.

Delicious. My husband has been making dulce de leche lately; maybe he'd like these cookies?

These look delicious. If there was a prize for most attractive food blog photos, I'd award it to you.

I adore Havanna alfajores they're fabulous but your homemade-maicena ones are totally scrumptious too :)

Thanks for the visit and the link!

I wonder how many are still left after made them, because in my case I can eat for dozens...



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