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September 08, 2009


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me gusta en especial el dulce de leche, la milhojas tambien, !RRRRRico! ( los mendocinos arrastramos la "r", un beso saludos desde Bowen Mendoza, Argentina. Florencia.

These look just as good on your site as they do on Lydia's :)

OMG! Deeellicious! Dulce de Leche is STALKING me today. :: Sigh::

Tlaz--you always have such interesting insights! That is a fascinating observation!

Aledys Ver--Such funny dulce de leche synergy--can't wait to check yours out!

Funny that I've just posted an entry about dulce de leche myself :o)
Today with my husband, we were planning on making puff pastry to fill it with dulce de leche, and basically make "milhojas"... as we say in Argentina, "el dulce de leche, me puede" :o)

how funny, as soon as i read the title of your post i suddenly realized that one of the most curious words of a dialect of the northern Italy (spoken in Mantua) must come the spanish word "milhojas".
So, the typical expression "l'è 'na miloca", that stands for "this thing is chewy (or sticky)", must have been borrowed a couple of centuries ago when Mantua was under the rule of the Spanish crown.

Nevertheless this pastry looks delicious!


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