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September 04, 2009


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I think my comment didn't pass the Typepad spam test due to low word count and added link. Lemme try again.

Just said that the cheese in the photo looks delicious and that I found a site that appears to sell imported Arg provoleta in the U.S.. I've never ordered through them however.

Search for provoleta at amigofoods.com

Oh I am drooling. I wish I could get provolone easily here :(

I am salivating. Yum!


Dear Rebecca,
grilled cheese is a classic in these whereabouts.
I invite you to taste grilled provolone or grilled pecorino (if you can find some) with a teaspoon of chestnut flower honey on top (not too much, just a thin layer of honey).

I still owe you a whole blog posting about that stunning fugazza a la parilla that i made twice since i read your recipe, but i still need to find the perfect balance between the height of the grill and the heat of the embers, so i keep practicing until it comes out perfect!


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