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October 25, 2010


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These look wonderful, like thin doughnuts? I agree with the previous commenter, i could totally down these with some hot chocolate on a bad weather day!

es tradicional en Bariloche servir Tortas fritas con Chocolate con leche, una infuciòn calentita para los frios de invierno, una señora amiga amasaba 50 kilos de harina todos los dìas, con la ayuda de sus hijos adolecentes, asi pagaban sus estudios,
un beso desde Bowen Mendoza, R.Argentina, Florencia.

Yes, it's great fun to make these when it's drizzly and dreary out. The best torta frita that I've had recently was back in March when I visited Bariloche. We stopped at this amazing waterfall on a foggy, chilly morning, and there was a tiny restaurant out near the parking lot serving torta frita and hot chocolate. They were out of this world! Thanks for the recipe. :)

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