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June 27, 2011


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I tried making this, but the dough was sooo sticky! I'm wondering if I read it wrong or did something wrong. I put 3 eggs, unseparated, plus 3 yolks, in the alfajor batter. And the right amount of everything else. But it was so sticky, even hours later after being in the fridge, I couldn't roll it! So I just put it in a cake pan then into the oven, waiting to see how it turns out! Do you have any advice?

I founnd your blog through Katie of Seashells and Joan of FOODalogue...

Remarcable blog.

I would like to receive yours posts by e-mail

What a wonderful idea to do the regional Alfajores. I especially love the last photo.

Cookies! These look delicious. I love the softer alfajores, which you really can't buy very easily - at least not in this provincia. Thanks for the recipe! Love your blog :)

This post is wonderful. I am a quite taken with alfajores and this is an excellent source for more variations to bake. The best theme for a group post. Thank you.

These alfajores look and sound delicious - I can almost taste that "baño blanco" and the anise hint in them....! I have now such a crave for alfajores that I'll have to bake more again soon!

These bite-sized alfajores are so cute! I bet the anise liqueur gives them a really nice flavor. I've never tried the mendocinos - I'll have to put them on my list of goodies to bake!

Thanks so much for participating in the group post, Rebecca!

I must admit I've never eaten alfajores mendocinos. Yours look so good! I raise my virtual cup of coffee and toast those alfajores!

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