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July 06, 2011


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Empanadas - sarap!


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to win this cookbook! I am excited about trying out the recipes in the book. And I love your site! :)

EMPANADAS!!!! I'm in, going to the grocery store on the way home. :)

A little egg wash might make these look pretty too. Hope I win the book, this recipe makes me want to see what else she has in her goody bag.

I just like to thank Andrea because ever since I discover her blog, I have encountered another world, such as this one. I have try this Empanada recipe. Cảm ơn bạn/Gracias.

I love empanadas! But beef with raisins? I gotta try it out!

This looks like a wonderful book!

thanks for this give-away

Andrea brings a wonderful combination of aunthenticity and creativity to her cooking and recipes. Would love a copy of her book!

I will try this recipe for the dough; in general I avoid eggs when preparing dough for empanadas since it seems to me they make it less flaky.

The empanadas are very appetizing--as are dumplings! A winning combination!!

I love your blog, reminds me of my mothers cooking. And your recipe for Dulce De Batata was great

empanadas are my one of my favorite Argentinian foods. i hope i win

The book looks amazing! I'm eager to try the combination of flavors in this particular recipe-- a sweet-savory contrast and flaky dough? Sounds awesome!

I had empanadas for the first time last year and they are so good!

Mmmm, dumplings!

MMmm.....empanadas...and dumplings.

This looks delicious! I always have so much trouble making the dough for samosas and empanadas. Can't wait to try making these!

We know how I love anything in a wrapper, especially empanadas! I love the cover shot on the book and am going to save this dough recipe for the future. I always buy the packaged discos, but will have to give this a try.

These sound amazing -- thank you! I have been sampling and learning lots of new recipes from immigrant families at the school where I work... including empanadas. This is extra inspiration to try them myself!

This looks yummy!

Ooh pick me! Pick me! Thanks for your beautiful blog

I'm a 23- year old Vietnamese-American, who's trying to learn how to cook as well as her Mom can. This cookbook would definitely help!

She has wonderful recipes and is very nice. i would love a copy of her dumpling book. She says it also has a lot of gluten free recipes in it. That excites me.

We don't get empanadas in the Midwest, but I can make some if I have this cookbook :)

I would adore winning a copy of the fab book :)

Hope to place side by side w/ my copy of Into The Vietnamese Kitchen :)

I love her book and I love dumplings of all types.

Oh I would love to win this copy!!!

Her Into The Vietnamese Kitchen book tastes as close to my mom's homecooking as possible, but with better measurements and directions. Would love to try making her empanadas.

These empanadas look fantastic!! I'm loving your blog and looking forward to future posts! :)

I am an Andrea Nguyen fan! I have a copy of her other book and would love to have a copy of this dumplings book! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

love empanadas!

I would love this book! Your blog makes me miss Argentine cooking so much! I need to pull out my Argentine cookbooks and make some empanadas!

Daniela, Lastimadamente solo puedo mandar el libro dentro del EEUU. Voy a pensar en otro 'giveaway' para ustedes en otros paises por el mes que viene. Gracias!

Los que vivimos en Buenos Aires ¿podemos participar? Espero que sí. Saludos!

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